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PPR in Goats and Sheep in Congo/Hendra similarities?

This one is sure not common,

Goat and sheep disease causes crisis in Congo

Peste des Petit Ruminant..

another name is…Goat plague.

Because I happen to like animals a lot, and was mystified on this one, I went for a look see out of curiousity.

What Idiscovered has me doing some thinking on the VERY oddness of the surge in MORBILLI Viruses, and Paramyxo disease outbreaks in the last few years.

I can add the  previously unknown Paramyxo that has appeared in  Pigeons in Victoria, and now NSW and some wild birds found dead/ill as well, though not many- to this list of outta the blue never seens as well. Funny how the PTB are advising using the Newcastle vaccine as a May? be useful preventative..when that same vaccine also has bluetongue again  in its mix.

The fact that Measles and Distemper are also Paramyxo , the fact that theres a Huge push to revaccinate troops especially, as well as  civilians for Measles, when the measles vaccines do not offer the  real immunity that actually Having the Native version would offer, and the true incidence of problems with REAL Measles are in truth very low incident wise.

It’s especially pertinent to  Australian events with the HENDRA outbreaks  this year killing Horses, once again, and putting owners, other pets on their property and any poor Veterinarians treating them at personal risk. and the risk is high !

Death  is quite possible and HAS happened.

In Australia the Hendra is blamed solely on transmission BY Fruit Bats aka Flying foxes.

Arboreal nusiances that  eat fruit and nectar, fine if they as native critters kept to native foods, however they do not, and they seem to be rather happy to live right in central suburbia in their huge colonies, making a lot of noise and crapping and peeing all over everything under them.

We have them  colonising a central Botanic Garden and also living in a NSW schools lunch shed.

This places visitors to said gardens and ALL children and adults at that school at a massive risk of become the next fatality of Hendra.

We also have a vociferous cluster of senseless ultra green people who keep blocking any moves to remove by culling the colonies placing many people and animals at risk.

Yes they ARE a Native Species, thats true.

However they are in HUGE numbers and are NOT Threatened, complete eradication of colonies IN suburbia would hardly make a dent in their numbers.. selective area culling in rural areas where horses are kept would also not cause them to become extinct.


and Nipah that killed people in an Asian outbreak, and caused a large number of pigs to be killed to halt the spread if it there, are  in the Paramyxo/Morbilli virus genres

Rather curious how they appeared very close  in time, in distant nations..Totally unknown before..slight difference in  Nipah, again blamed on bats..

Extremely curious that  theres a link to  Bluetongue disease, in the MERK vaccine that was a CANINE targeted sales item, and had a very sudden weekend recall at the Exact time that the Hendra outbreak occurred.. Their own web pages ADMIT that that vaccine killed Dogs. They fail to mention how many, across how many nations and if? they even had the decency to admit and  compensate owners or treat victims that may? have survived..there’s NO mention beyond passing references.

With that companies prior history with other Vaccine issues I doubt anything much was done past recall.

Sidenote: Theres a link on the FMD page to a Merial company Sth African, BVI, making the FMD vaccines.and they also do rinderpest. used widely.

PPR misdiagnosed? as rinderpest, so who wasn’t testing but assuming?

How many assumed Rinderpest issues in EU etc were maybe PPR?

How close is the supposedly new? Schmallenberg virus to it I wonder?

That company is tied in at a few years distance,  with   a company once in Aus that shut down here and offshored to? yeah Sth Africa, via the usual convoluted tangle of  buyups takeovers etc etc.

Even more worth taking some note is the fact that a certain  vaccine was based  with LIVE  Bluetongue, and used widely, then very suddenly recalled, just as the first Aussie victim of Hendra,  Vic Rail, and a large number of his horses who died as well occured in Aus!

Exceptionally odd as Aus does’nt Have Bluetongue and allowing a vaccine using any part of that to be even allowed IN the country let alone used in canines and other species at all is  nothing short of crazy!

They can Never guarantee that ALL the virus is actually  totally inactive ie. live virus weakened but NOT dead.  Still Used here for Distemper in Dogs but inactivated

(which is why POLIO vaccine recipients then GET POLIO as evidenced and proven recently in multiple 3rd world nations being pushed?forced to  vaccinate kids)


Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), also known as goat plague, is caused by a paramyxovirus of the Morbillivirus genus. It was first described in 1942 in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa (see References: Dhar 2002) and is closely related to rinderpest virus, canine distemper virus, and human measles virus. The virus has the following characteristics (see References: OIE 2002):

  • May survive at 60C for 60 minutes
  • Stable from pH 4.0 to 10.0
  • Killed by alcohol, ether, and detergents as well as by most disinfectants (eg, phenol, sodium hydroxide)
  • Long survival time in chilled and frozen tissues
  • ============================================


For PPR to spread, close contact between infected and susceptible animals is needed (see References: Ozkul 2002). There are several means of transmission between animals (see References: Saliki 2008):

  • Inhalation of aerosols produced by sneezing and coughing of infected animals
    • Outbreaks are more frequent during the rainy season or the dry, cold season (see References: OIE 2002).
  • Direct contact with ocular, nasal, or oral secretions
  • Direct contact with feces
  • Fomites such as bedding, water, and feed troughs
  • No carrier state is known to exist


PPR has been found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa for several decades and in the Middle East and southern Asia since 1993. It has been reported in Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. It was first reported in southern India in 1987. The Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, and the rest of the Indian Subcontinent reported PPR incidents during 1993-1995. The disease has remained endemic in these areas. It has also occurred in Turkey (1996), Iraq (2000), Iran (1994), Bangladesh (1993 and 2000), and Nepal (1995) (see References: Dhar 2002).

  • In India, PPR was first confirmed in March 1987 in sheep suspected of having rinderpest. It is now believed that many outbreaks in India previously attributed to rinderpest were actually PPR. The virus was isolated four more times by 1992, and major epidemics occurred in the state of Andhra Pradesh in 1994-1995 and 1997-1998 (see References: Taylor 2002).
  • In Africa and Asia, the disease is particularly devastating, as these countries often use small ruminants as components of agricultural food production (see References: EMPRES 1999).

I hope you noted the  bolded fragment?


so? if it does NOT have a known carrier to infect the first animal? how does it magically appear I have to ask.

Aw Hell! how come they haven’t though about BATS???that DO carry Paramyxo and DO live in caves etc in the areas where the goats etc happen to run as well??

Or maybe? they need to try and find that ONE genus of Midge as in EU:-)

No Ones explained EVER how Bats get it…maybe the base carrier worldwide is actually MIDGES?

Tied in with this is the fact that an Aussie lass went to Sth Africa for reasons rather UNspecified, and lo and behold finds that HENDRA is Highly prevalent IN Sth African Bat species.Though the Paramyxo Morbillis DO seem to be having an amazing global upsurge..

Her radio report I managed to be lucky to hear also failed  utterly to  state why? they went TO africa, and also what??? DNA was found IN those infected African bat colonies.One colony  which happened to be living ON the roof areas of a large hospital there.

I wondered why they were’nt looking in regions closer to home where possible transmission by trade would be far more probable. ie bats stowed away on ships, short journey, whereas  boat via Sth Africa would have em starving to death before landing.

They also have NO Tracking or even it seems knowledge of Hendra/ Nipah as a source of Illness in Humans there, the excuse given was they get so many meningococcal diseases anyway they dont check!

You could also bet and make money that NO horse deaths are examined or documented either.

There is NO explanation as to how a disease of Fruit bats  although mammals, manages to specifically far as we are told? ONLY horses, who then manage to change? or transmit unchanged? to humans, that’s also a gaping black hole in info given to us..

Also passing strange they happened to be onto Bats so very fast as the vector?

The other VERY lousy info lack never mentions if our Brumbies get infected, no reports of mass horse deaths APART from Vaccinated pets /racehorses so far, in years.

How come?

Also NO reports of wether its transmissable to cattle  or other species ..

ONE Dog has had it, recovered and produced antibodies to it, OUTside of a lab I noted in a Aus Govt document…which means they HAVE managed to infect Dogs in their labs!

They euthanased that poor Dog.

Recent outbreak, some two weeks back mentions a pet dog showing a weak positive and being retested. Media here has basically Dropped reporting on this…why?

I would love tp know what Vaccines were given to both those dogs and the rest of our Aus hounds..Theres a range of makers, so records are required to know what batch and what Maker.

It’s been a roundabout Digression 🙂 but the strangeness, the closely related viral types etc all seem to have some interconnections..when you start to  drag it into a pile.

Of course it may just be a big steaming pile too..thats up to you to read and do some thinking on.

Porky Flys, and Porky Pies! and Anthrax ReInvents itself?

Recently followers of Food Freedom or FarmWars or PPJ would have read of the insane  and Unexplained rush to eradicate a whole lot of Old Breed and Heritage Pigs in certain AmeriKKan states byt the USDA swat teams.

No Sane explanations given as to why? the sudden rush to remove everything they can that isn’t in a CAFO and an inbred weak pink piggy.

The sheer Insanity of culling what are precious rare breeds with hugely valuable gene pools, and yeah ,ok some mongrel  crosses, but owned and constrained and cared for none the less but this campaign seemed  ONLY to be targeting well cared for owned and small farmed breeders.

Well, I may? have discovered the reason behind it.

I can’t be sure, but I sure can take an educated guess they had an Ulterior motive for it.

I apologise that to read why you will have to go to links, the site I found info on will not allow even small para snips.

Awhile back I found an odd report about Russia having an outbreak of an UNusual strain of Swine Fever..its not so rare BUT it is for anywhere outside of ? Africa.

see here.

Russian pig population under ASF threat

not the first report I read but the most recent.

now under it in an item NOT given newsletter prominence was this one

Russia accuses Georgia of swine fever sabotage

Funny…when I read the first report I wondered about the means it would have had to come into Russia by..

the Second one sure fills in the gaps as to possible import vectors.

And Gee the good ol USDA had EXperts…on ground.

Call me suspicious, it sure seems all too co incidental to BE a coincidence!

a Vaccine program gone wrong?

or a Vaccine program doing what was intended? hmm?

Now what may have been given to certain USA piggeries by accident or intent?

maybe? designed to target old and wild breeds? but didnt work as planned?

or carried home by the EXperts just like White Nose and Chiclid fungus was???

There’s huge agribiz interests in Pig genetics and the Monmen patented genetics from old breeds claiming it theirs..

Also very weird closer to  ameriKKan shores a report of a Piggery in Chile about to cull all 500 K pigs on their farm.


because the townsfolk nearby couldnt stand the stench..supposedly caused by Aerator failure.

sorry but that would not create such a huge smell issue as far as I can ascertain. If the aerator ceased the pools would go anoxic, and be degassing Methane a risk for explosion but also not a “smelly” gas. the residues would stink sure, but they have a water cover. Aerators  oxygenate end stir, they have nothing to do with pumps and water supposedly running into local streams etc, thats another issue. Theres a whole lot wrong about this story.

However a whole pile of Dead pigs would create a pong smelt for miles in numbers..

Its said the workers left the pigs without food and water..afterwards, and many have died. Sorry, but for the millions of dollars/pesos whatever.. involved in operations like this and automated systems that could be operated by management etc, its not ringing true.

If anyone has better info by all means post it commentwise:-)

here’s the item.

Half million pigs from smelly Chilean farm to be slaughtered |

Now if this was your business wouldn’t you be selling anything you could anywhere you could as fast as possible?

In a country with high population and demand?

why? would you cull Half a MILLION moneymaking animals

Insurance? as an Insurer I would  fail their claim. Negligence doesn’t make the grade. BUT if you had pigs dying, before, and then publicity and you are worried what might be found??? hmm? then  culling suddenly makes more sense.

===============now about ANTHRAX It is reported an Entirely NEW STRAIN of Anthrax has been found in?

Kyrgyzstan. rather an odd spot for this?

New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

NOT so strange if you know that Prior years Russian Bioweapons labs were placed in some very out of the way areas..and were not exactly decomissioned as such.

Reliance on site island in a lake…and the lake dried up years ago for eg.

OR that could be an easy  assumption for many to call, when it’s a new lab product released by someone wanting to see what it does in somewhere far off shore..?

The very problematic issue here is this
new” strain is not only apparently a nonresponder to present Vax.

It also is infecting animals WITH prior Vaccination to  standard strains.

Then I see this report

Anthrax detected in Indonesia

they do NOT mention strain in this..and they also have Epic FAIL as regards notification timeframe of reports and area control.

As a long lasting soil borne vector they are in deep shit.

Decades old cattle trails in usa still have Anthrax spores viable and infecting unlucky animals using them from time to time. In a humid climate the risk of spread is so much worse.

I will continue to keep an eye out for related reports and update as I find.

You Have to read This …re Sweden and Swine Flu Vacc *Illness*

ok I read Alexs story …and…


I swear here, with reason!

I got curious!

So I checked out the named Company that supplied Sweden

see my post to the comments, and please , Follow the link..

it is truly staggering to see what/who? they purchased from..


amicus curiae Says:
October 24th, 2009 at 7:23 am…..szoba.html

oh boy!
a whopping??? 2,000sq feet plant, in what looks like an old house?
NOT ONE media or any other mention of a damn thing BUT H5N1 from 2008!!!!!!
and Sweden bought crap from them……………?????????????????????????
WHO THE FUCK? WAS NAPPING?? when THAT decision was made?????
they are a cover for whom?

Well people,? would YOU feel confident and safe? after reading the web pages of OMN Invest? Invest being the real reason I suspect!

Requirements for Vaccine Testing Regimes BAN Pregnant Women!

I just read the CDC link here,

And I cannot fathom HOW? they can dare say that these hardly trialled unknown effect Vaccines are in any way at all safe to give to the very populations they  BAN from Participating in any trials,

and BTW please note they EXCLUDE anyone who has had the Standard Flu jab in less than 12 months, YET??? they are pushing everyone to get that NOW too!

The mandatory MMR and other vaccines listed today(30th July aussie day) at the ALABAMA UNI or NO enrollment, and possible JUDICIARY Action following refusal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(see Prison Planet for the story)

which will be followed asap by H1N1 also beggars belief!

heres one sample

You can be involved if you:

  • are aged 18 to 64 years
  • have no chronic medical conditions
  • are not a health care worker who is required to have an annual ‘flu vaccine
  • are not pregnant
  • have not had a ‘flu vaccine in the last 6 months
  • did not participate in the 2008 ‘Flu Busters Study
  • a more comprehensive one is here.


Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years to 64 Years
Genders Eligible for Study: Both
Accepts Healthy Volunteers: Yes

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Healthy males and females aged ≥ 18 to < 65 years at the time of vaccination
  • Non pregnant/ non lactating females

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Hypersensitivity to influenza vaccine or allergy to any components of the Study Vaccines
  • Vaccination against influenza in the previous 6 months
  • Acute clinically significant pulmonary, cardiovascular, hepatic or renal functional abnormality
  • Known history of Guillain-Barré Syndrome;
  • Clinical signs of active infection and/or an oral temperature of ≥ 37.8 oC.
  • History of neurological disorders or seizures
  • Confirmed or suspected immunosuppressive condition or a previously diagnosed immunodeficiency disorder
  • Current or recent immunosuppressive or immunomodulative therapy, including systemic corticosteroids
  • Administration of immunoglobulins and/or any blood products;
  • Participation in a clinical trial or use of an investigational compound;
  • Vaccination with a registered vaccine within 14 days (for inactivated vaccines) or 28 days (for live vaccines) prior;
  • Participants indicated to receive an influenza vaccine on an annual basis according to the local public health recommendations.
The exclusions are hardly meaning that they get a Honest! population to trial in are they?
How many perfectly healthy, non medicated, people do you know?
ALL the illnesses above are suddenly the ones they TARGET, as being in need of the vaccine, when they release it.
Yeah thats Logical, of course it is…
repeat after me………WAKE UP… WAKE UP….WAKE UP!

Supposed Australian Swine flu Breakthrough..

This evening I heard a news report about our  Uni of Queensland, having developed a vaccine for the new flu.

ABC News – Just In – Breaking News as it happens from around Australia and the world

click on the swine flu tab

A brag line about a new method had my ears twitching, A look on Barbaras Farm Wars blog, an article I wote earlier this year as Amicus, on the mexican outbreak and a company called Novavax, will have you clearer as to why !

Tracking the news break , I find they are “in Collaboration” with a US Company.

So, as you do , I decided to see what and who, frantic that it may be Novavax, who I still suspect of being linked to the outbreak in the beginning. Nothing so far found has changed my opinion.

Well some relief is that it does NOT appear to be Novavax.


The company that it IS, is just a bit “interesting” too. A legal and funding battle last year, with a fairly large backing Co.

BioPortfolio – BioPortfolio – Protein Sciences Corporation

A Complete management change over in APRIL 09 and a few short weeks later this announcement.

A FAST TRACK appro in with the FDA, for a “viral blocker” type vaccination.

These people are using the Insect vector, and I finally found a lot more details, imagine.. it is the embryonic ovaries of a moth…they use to breed the cell lines. One thing..(maybe the best point is it negates the use of Mercury it appears)

And I happened across a Belgium lab selling the cell lines, 189Euros gets you enough to breed a litre, and it appears about 5ml is a dose, so it is very time and cost efficient, for them, Not very sure about us users!

Sf9 Insect Cells

The Flublocking concoction has had some human trial up to stage 3 they say.( no data supplied)

The Flu vacc has had NONE and yet is being touted already and Large Government Cash Input is expected by the US side of it.

I cannot get the us Patent details to come up maybe someone else reading will manage to do that, please feel free! 6,103,524


Maybe some of you have better sources to find out more about the new board?

I have alarm bells at finding the driving lab man is an EX MERK chap…..and we know how good a rep Merk does NOT have!

SO???? WHY?? are the Uni Of Queensland doing the announcing, and why? From the Protien Sciences own company info it was done already…there is something weird here, and I suspect a lot of Aussie taxpayers funding has been arranged for maybe? very little input , but a sweetheart deal to get funds.

SEE the protien sciences news bulletin   about the SWEETENED Deal they considered from the ex funding, takeover company….and how Protien Sciences avoided telling their shareholders about issues as they KNEW they would be sold off….hmmm

I am also just a bit curious at just HOW FAST and how many Aussies have caught this bug lately, we are as on this evening up to 5 deaths.

Who may have been trialling what? using us Aussies as a test species like the Mexicans were used mayhap?

In case someone has not seen it I also recommend the 2 reports on Baxter and the way the companies are all so ties in to governments worldwide. by Les Horowitz on Youtube.

And his very first warning on Novavax.