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I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t remember the charnel house the UK became when they had a few, very few..cases of FMD  a few years back.

Scenes from Dantes Inferno- misery and heartbreak as animals with no symptoms inc pets were killed “to save the uk” etc etc.

This was in spite of good veterinary advice to  the contrary, of such mass slaughter being necessary in a country where most animals WERE vaccinated, and good quarantine and practice could be maintained.

Today I found a report of a disease outbreak in Africa, its not FMD, but its a nasty..and I will  post separately on that one later:-)

However the page  I found that item on has a mass of reports on GLOBAL outbreaks of Foot and Mouth, and they go back to last year and before that, yet? there has been  little? or NO? reporting and certainly no over the top nationwide slaughter as in the UK event.Yes  culling but limited  events.

once again the company with the reports wont allow even a two word snip, so you are in for a lot of link clicks, sorry.

Believe IS worth doing, the saga is BIG  Global and bloody nasty.

There is a Conference being held in Thailand in a few days time , where they plan to announce request to worldwide Banks to supply funding for  eradication/vaccines etc.

OIE calls for bank support of FMD campaign

Rather a LOT too late.

The list of affected Countries so far is large and growing.

Russia for close to two years, seems to be the older treatable strain, but open to doubt..

New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

Kazak, kyrgistan, and Russia in this block

New FMD strain threatens Middle East

CIS countries face FMD threat

Egyptian FMD outbreak requires “urgent action”, says FAO

Paraguay: animal health leader steps down after FMD outbreak

FMD outbreak confirmed in China

two events one in Dec’11 and one Jan 2012 in Pigs.Taiwan and then mainland. appears USA pig exports are rising steeply to China. gee?

Most people who know of  FMDx, know Vaccines were available.

However..the new strain not only is spreading widely it is Immune to the present vaccines “protection”, animals who were assumed to be safe are NOT! they are coming down with the new strain..but?..the PTB are still pushing immediate Vaccinations across nations, which is close to a  waste of time and money to try and combat this. The Pharmas will be loving it though.

Now the multibillion dollar question has to be HOW????

This  implied unknown variant, now named in some reports as SAT2, has managed to  spread so widely, you could excuse the  central  europe mid east as close enough for animals OR people  carrying contaminated dirt spores on shoes clothes etc.

That scenario falls over when that strain specifically, gets across an ocean or two to Sth American  lands. or it Should..if quarantine ie airports checking regions of travellers ie rural and footwear etc for dirt etc.

When so many ships transporting live animals or workers who have handled live animals on one trip then returning home etc arrive and  go back home, often inland etc..lets face it Quarantine on Docks seems to be a lot less  efficient, (ie Australia got crazy ants by containers).

Even so, so many areas, widely spread and reasonably close time frames  seems to make even that means seem a little less likely.

Contaminated vaccines? or someone using the GM  tampered vaccines?

or a planned bioweapon?

another aside:-)

On my post re flying pigs..I mentioned an odd event in a Piggery in Chile that wasn’t ringing true as to stated reasons for stench in the sties. however a mass die iff from FMD and a lot of smelly corpses would make more sense. Unconfirmed just surmising on it,but it is weird.Close enough geographically to be plausible anyway. Reading the Paraguay event made me consider it  as possible cause. The stated cause of the dead animals was workers leaving the plant and no food or water to some 500k pigs. Wether they died before or after may be a salient point, but I doubt it will be answered.


All the above reports say this is a NEW and Novel strain.

However looking for Vaccine info.I find this

FAO confirms spread of novel FMD strain to Gaza Strip
A novel strain of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has been detected in cattle in the Gaza Strip, confirming fears of the spread of the new variant, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today. The FMD strain is new to the area, and animals haven’t acquired any resistance to it, the agency said. The FAO added that vaccines against the novel SAT2 virus are in short supply. In February the SAT2 variant was found in Egypt and Libya, and it was confirmed in the neighboring Gaza Strip area on Apr 19. Juan Lubroth, DVM, PhD, the FAO’s chief veterinary officer, said in a statement that the disease threatens Gulf countries, and perhaps southern and eastern Europe and beyond. He said limiting animal movement is the top priority for preventing the spread of the virus, along with heightened surveillance and quick outbreak detection and response. The FAO said the virus has also been detected in Bahrain, but only at a quarantine center. Israel has targeted herds along its southern border for vaccination to create a protective buffer zone, and the Gaza Strip will receive 20,000 doses to protect its cattle, with 40,000 doses as soon as possible targeting sheep and goats. The FAO and its partners are negotiating with producers and vaccine banks to find more vaccine sources.
May 2 FAO press release

and also this…

BVI and African company with a 5 strain vaccine, however reading the data it seems very shortlived and pretty impracticable for the majority of places where its occurring  to be used as required, repeat basic doses and  follow ups every 6mths.


————-Engaged readers will have noted the removal of the A for Anthrax word:-)

while   Anthrax and FMD can be soil borne, they are NOT the same disease as I wrongly had believed till corrected by a comment here, Many thanks to Cudden Happen:-)

I am posting a snip and link that Proves that Killing of all infected animals really is over the top however as they DO recover and while its nasty for them for a few days, it does not kill adult animals that often, it Can kill young as they dont have physical reserves to be able to not eat for  the time their mouth tongues are sore and ulcerated.Some may recover but become carriers, most do not, therefore testing for  continued presence, in suspect animals, may be a FAR more economical and sane method than simply going in a killing many thousands of animals.

NOT allowing CAFO operations where diseases, have the very best chance of raging through and mutating, due to sheer numbers of affected cases would also be smart.

Is there any treatment or cure?

No. Affected animals will recover. Vaccines can protect against the disease but do not necessarily prevent animals from being infected. Vaccination is used in many countries to control the disease in an endemic situation. In order for a country to regain FMD-free status and limit the economic impacts, it is important to eradicate the virus as quickly as possible. Movement controls and removal of infected animals (along with other complementary control measures such as cleaning and disinfection) are essential to eradicate this disease. Vaccination can be an important tool to assist in containing and eradicating FMD, but its use will have trade implications.

Schmallenberg Virus Yet another ” AccIntental” Vaccine release? or mutation by product?

Most of you will never have heard of this one.

With good reason.

It didn’t exist until recently.

Its managed to spread through quite a few EU Union countries and even as far as Britain.

The  PTB have no idea if it’s a risk to humans,

They have said it was seemingly species limited,

However so far it has affected Goats Deer, Bison Cattle and Sheep,

So far from being limited it would appear it has a cross species ability,

They haven’t mentioned Pigs yet, but you would think intelligent folks might be wondering? and running the odd test?

Not a mention of any such, odd because its proven cross species, and Pigs are the most intensively farmed EU critters apart from fowls.

Nary a mention of any WILD species like Ferrets Stoats etc that seem to be so favoured for catching all sorts of nasties either? or Foxes..all meat eaters eating carcases of any dead young or  aborted debris in fields.

So What?? is it exactly you’re wondering?

It is a Virus..they think. They also think? maybe? its carried by Midges of one species only.

I personally think thats more than a bit weird!

Decades of farming in the areas affected first and others, with midges for millenia of this type existing and biting animals living there and not  ONE report of this before?

They also think?  but I am not sure IF? they are actually thinking, or  just doing some fast spin, thats its carried by the mums to be and passed to young in utero.

Well seeing as it causes stillbirths abortions and deformed young, it would have, if that was the case had a real fast die out as progeny would cease in affected animals.

Any disease that kills the host/carrier, without an easily mass transmissible contagion doesn’t hang round that long.

They also FAIL to mention at all in any way if Males of all the aforementioned species either have it?or are carriers of it. and what? if any symptoms it inflicts on them  ie Sterility would be a biggie.or mutated sperm? or the virus transferred IN semen?

Now heres the BIG curiosity concerning this one.

It appears to be similar to???


Why is this a biggie?

Because the EU was using a LIVE Bluetongue disease Vaccine until 2008 and probably still is in some areas. they’ve now Swapped to a  Killed vaccine, citing Problems??yeah??? with the live Vaccine!

They say they’ve dropped bluetongue incidence to  less than 50 cases, down from thousands..but gee all of a sudden they have a new Disease appearing?

Not a whisper of they might? consider checking what else was in those vaccines. a couple of years lead in time for an outbreak to gain enough victims to be noticed would NOT be beyond a credible timeframe.

( see prior post re Flying PIGS and the Aussie recall of a vaccine just as HENDRA emerged seemingly instantly  to kill Horses and Humans, comment section)

I apologise for not being able to  place selected paragraphs to  make reading up on this easier and faster, but the original source bans ANY snippets being used.

so here is a list of items concerning this BY industry reporters.

The bits the media  will be too lazy to find, or too controlled to make public for fear of having informed citizens asking embarrasing questions:-)

What SHOULD be of concern to ALL Farmers in EU and UK is the  supposed Guardians OF Animal and farm production safety etc deciding that banning intra country and os sales is Not??? necessary?

Schmallenberg virus “worrying”, says OIE

you bet!

Spring likely to see Schmallenberg spread further

really? its obviously done that for two seasons already…who’s a genius then?

Schmallenberg may survive winter, says EFSA

well hell, it HAD to survive snow and ice already to re emerge last spring…DER! no Brainer time:-)

EU signals potential WTO action against SBV-related import bans

not only are they imposing NO Quarantine restrictions, they intend Forcing trade to continue in spite of some places using their brains and wanting to close doors until it’s sorted.

One big INfected EU coming up!

and remember they think?(not too hard, it might hurt) thats it IS similar/related TO Bluetongue..

so what are they doing?

EU allows preventative bluetongue vaccination

ramping UP a vaccine which just may BE the vector, if it wasnt the older live one..

and if it was in the older vaccine, and an offshoot mutation, the new ones hardly likely to work or help..

might help it change again.

But it’s ok, chill out

someones written a report. whoopty doo!

EFSA to publish report on Schmallenberg

Whats in this item shows that with a 2 YEAR lead in, heaps of Biolabs and vets and assorted specialists in animal health etc etc.

they still have no idea and not much of an action plan.

They seriously expect us to believe a sudden ONE species specific,  Midge carried disease erupted spontaneously in varied areas of the EU, and also in UK. across Species.

Thats as good as Hendra suddenly appearing in Aussie  fruit bats, and affecting horses and via them humans and canines.

BTW Aus seems to have done NO research on Cattle who would be likely to  be at risk, OR feral pigs who would be eating dead Feral Horses who magically?

DO NOT seem to be dropping like flies unlike well fed nutritionally superior VACCINATED  Horses..