Porky Flys, and Porky Pies! and Anthrax ReInvents itself?

Recently followers of Food Freedom or FarmWars or PPJ would have read of the insane  and Unexplained rush to eradicate a whole lot of Old Breed and Heritage Pigs in certain AmeriKKan states byt the USDA swat teams.

No Sane explanations given as to why? the sudden rush to remove everything they can that isn’t in a CAFO and an inbred weak pink piggy.

The sheer Insanity of culling what are precious rare breeds with hugely valuable gene pools, and yeah ,ok some mongrel  crosses, but owned and constrained and cared for none the less but this campaign seemed  ONLY to be targeting well cared for owned and small farmed breeders.

Well, I may? have discovered the reason behind it.

I can’t be sure, but I sure can take an educated guess they had an Ulterior motive for it.

I apologise that to read why you will have to go to links, the site I found info on will not allow even small para snips.

Awhile back I found an odd report about Russia having an outbreak of an UNusual strain of Swine Fever..its not so rare BUT it is for anywhere outside of ? Africa.

see here.

Russian pig population under ASF threat

not the first report I read but the most recent.

now under it in an item NOT given newsletter prominence was this one

Russia accuses Georgia of swine fever sabotage

Funny…when I read the first report I wondered about the means it would have had to come into Russia by..

the Second one sure fills in the gaps as to possible import vectors.

And Gee the good ol USDA had EXperts…on ground.

Call me suspicious, it sure seems all too co incidental to BE a coincidence!

a Vaccine program gone wrong?

or a Vaccine program doing what was intended? hmm?

Now what may have been given to certain USA piggeries by accident or intent?

maybe? designed to target old and wild breeds? but didnt work as planned?

or carried home by the EXperts just like White Nose and Chiclid fungus was???

There’s huge agribiz interests in Pig genetics and the Monmen patented genetics from old breeds claiming it theirs..

Also very weird closer to  ameriKKan shores a report of a Piggery in Chile about to cull all 500 K pigs on their farm.


because the townsfolk nearby couldnt stand the stench..supposedly caused by Aerator failure.

sorry but that would not create such a huge smell issue as far as I can ascertain. If the aerator ceased the pools would go anoxic, and be degassing Methane a risk for explosion but also not a “smelly” gas. the residues would stink sure, but they have a water cover. Aerators  oxygenate end stir, they have nothing to do with pumps and water supposedly running into local streams etc, thats another issue. Theres a whole lot wrong about this story.

However a whole pile of Dead pigs would create a pong smelt for miles in numbers..

Its said the workers left the pigs without food and water..afterwards, and many have died. Sorry, but for the millions of dollars/pesos whatever.. involved in operations like this and automated systems that could be operated by management etc, its not ringing true.

If anyone has better info by all means post it commentwise:-)

here’s the item.

Half million pigs from smelly Chilean farm to be slaughtered | GantDaily.com

Now if this was your business wouldn’t you be selling anything you could anywhere you could as fast as possible?

In a country with high population and demand?

why? would you cull Half a MILLION moneymaking animals

Insurance? as an Insurer I would  fail their claim. Negligence doesn’t make the grade. BUT if you had pigs dying, before, and then publicity and you are worried what might be found??? hmm? then  culling suddenly makes more sense.

===============now about ANTHRAX It is reported an Entirely NEW STRAIN of Anthrax has been found in?

Kyrgyzstan. rather an odd spot for this?

New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

NOT so strange if you know that Prior years Russian Bioweapons labs were placed in some very out of the way areas..and were not exactly decomissioned as such.

Reliance on site island in a lake…and the lake dried up years ago for eg.

OR that could be an easy  assumption for many to call, when it’s a new lab product released by someone wanting to see what it does in somewhere far off shore..?

The very problematic issue here is this
new” strain is not only apparently a nonresponder to present Vax.

It also is infecting animals WITH prior Vaccination to  standard strains.

Then I see this report

Anthrax detected in Indonesia

they do NOT mention strain in this..and they also have Epic FAIL as regards notification timeframe of reports and area control.

As a long lasting soil borne vector they are in deep shit.

Decades old cattle trails in usa still have Anthrax spores viable and infecting unlucky animals using them from time to time. In a humid climate the risk of spread is so much worse.

I will continue to keep an eye out for related reports and update as I find.


Who? is behind the Massive Worldwide Buyup of our Forests?

This is a bit Aussie centric, but then theres a UK and USA linkup I think may have some  bearing on it all.

Today the Sth Australian  news is about the buyup proposed to be approved by Private UNnamed interests of the SA forests.

Last few weeks theres been a similar event happening in the UK a huge amount of old forestry to be privatised, no names again..

now I got a CDC email toaday, aside from the political views the people behind the doings are worth some note.

its the RBS royal bank of scotland…who happen to be broke and bailed out, doing the SA advisory.

how odd?

then unrelated  source I come across a corp that has bought almost All of Oregons forests to use for?

heres the real interesting bit!

they plan to chip and use for Fuels! biofuels from woodsources.

so the wood we would use as renewable home  building and other sustainable  ,non polluting , un like petrochem plastics etc, would be processed for fuel instead?

so excuse the  length but I am adding the emails contents .

see if you think its a possible correct answer to the sudden interest.

first the adelaide news.


then the cdc
itizens Electoral Council of Australia
Media Release  8th of February 2011

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058

Email: cec@cecaust.com.au
Website: http://www.cecaust.com.au

SA Government to crush forestry communities for British Empire banks

The South Australian Government’s plan to privatise up to 110 years’ worth of state forestry rotations which will annihilate the forestry communities in the south-east of the state is being enacted on behalf of the British Empire’s bankrupt Inter-Alpha Group of Banks, charged Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood today.

“The Inter-Alpha Group is on a global looting spree to prop up their failed monetary system, and the state government, directed by leading Inter-Alpha bank The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), is giving them the state’s forestry wealth to plunder,” Mr Isherwood said.

The RBS is one of the world’s leading privatisation outfits, which in the guise of “advisers” is being paid handsomely to direct the privatisation of SA Forestry; typically, its directives are hidden from the public behind the scam of “commercial in confidence”, but they are understood to involve multiple options, including the full privatisation of SA Forestry.

Mr Isherwood ridiculed the Government’s reasons for privatisation: “The Government’s argument that South Australia needs to smash forestry communities to fix up its finances is a sick con. First, hasn’t this moronic government learnt anything from the global financial crisis? The very same international credit rating agencies which decide if South Australia is AAA-rated, are the ones which rated trillions of dollars of toxic derivatives such as CDOs [collateralised debt obligations] that financed subprime mortgages, also as AAA! The Government wants people to swallow the idea that local timber communities should be decimated so the state can earn a worthless score on a piece of paper.

“Secondly, what about The Royal Bank of Scotland’s finances? IT IS BANKRUPT! It’s only still standing because it was nationalised by the British government in the global meltdown following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in late 2008.

“And as events in Europe prove, the so-called global financial crisis is far from over. The entire Inter-Alpha Group of Banks, of which RBS is a leading member, is in meltdown, which is causing the crises in Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy, and threatens to collapse the euro, the EU, and the whole trans-Atlantic monetary system.”

He continued, “As the American physical economist Lyndon LaRouche has exposed, the Inter-Alpha Group is the new British Empire, formed in 1971 by Lord Jacob Rothschild to ‘globalise’ the world’s financial system, i.e. to strip away any national obstacles to the City of London’s domination of the financial systems of all national economies.

“To prop up their system now that 40 years of unbridled financial looting has sent the world bankrupt, this criminal cartel of banks is dictating to governments to impose austerity measures on their populations, such as slashing funding to healthcare and essential services, and privatisations, that free up more money to be sucked into the banks.”

Mr Isherwood pointed out that The Royal Bank of Scotland is currently dictating privatisations all over Australasia. It is a joint lead manager of Anna Bligh’s asset fire sale in Queensland, the biggest privatisation spree since Jeff Kennett gutted Victoria in the 1990s, and it is heavily involved in the pernicious form of privatisation known as Public-Private Partnerships, in which governments carry all of the risk and private banks reap the profits, in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, NT, WA, as well as New Zealand.

Liberate the nation from the British Empire

Mr Isherwood called on the concerned residents who are protesting the SA Forests sale to join the CEC’s fight to free Australia from the British system of private money dictating government policy that is destroying the entire country:

“Not just South Australia, but the entire nation is being systematically and deliberately stripped of the essential industries and infrastructure that enables Australia as a nation-state to look after the physical needs of its people,” he explained.

“A combination of British free trade policies and British ‘green’ policies have smashed the family farmers who guarantee the nation’s food security [see below]; British free trade tariff cuts have smashed the nation’s manufacturing industries, especially in South Australia; British privatisation policies have looted the nation’s power, water and transport infrastructure; British-designed economic rationalism policies (as pioneered by Margaret Thatcher) have starved hospitals and essential services of adequate funding, which is mass-killing people.”

The intention is genocide, he said.

“Australia is being targeted for depopulation,” he went on. “The fact that the privatisation will decimate the timber economy of the Southeast and depopulate the region is deliberate. It is the same issue in the Murray-Darling Basin: City of London-controlled private banks, and the radical green movement personally founded by Prince Philip to “solve overpopulation”, are directing the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s drive to smash the national food bowl, to not just depopulate the rural areas, but to depopulate the entire nation, from its current 23 million down to Wentworth Group member and World Wide Fund for Nature trustee Professor Tim Flannery’s preferred level of 5-6 million people.” [See The New Citizen, Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011.]

The CEC National secretary concluded, “The CEC’s mission is to fight for the principle of the common good of people, and free Australia from this system. We are fighting to return to the policies that developed Australia into the once-powerful industrial economy we were, for which the patriots of ‘old Labor’ and great leaders such as John ‘Black Jack’ McEwen so tirelessly fought: government-owned national and state banks, long-term investment in nation-building infrastructure, and a vision for Australia’s economic development.

then the unrelated email from a investment group in aus.

Greasing the Wheels of Oil Production
by Byron King

There’s a common theme to my efforts on behalf of my Outstanding Investments subscribers. Yes, I like companies that control real resources like oil, natural gas, copper, gold, silver, etc. I look for the basic resource value. But beyond these basics, I look for companies that control resources and have the technology to extract them and add value.

A company like Venoco (NYSE:VQ) is just one intriguing example. Venoco is applying rock-fracturing technology to California’s Monterey Shale. If the company accomplishes what it aims to do – increase oil recovery from shale – there’s the strong potential for Venoco to transform its shale acreage into a recoverable billion-barrel oil resource.

Or look at Talisman (NYSE:TLM). Here’s a company that’s not just leading the charge to fracture shale formations for the shale gas, but also working with South African refiner Sasol to turn “stranded,” low- value natural gas into high-value liquid fuel. In other words, Talisman is working to add value at the upstream stage and capture that value for its bottom line – and, of course, for the shareholders.

Over and over in Outstanding Investments, I have highlighted resource technology companies like Schlumberger (NYSE:SLB), Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) and Baker Hughes (NYSE:BHI).

These global oil field service giants provide the essential technological foundations of modern-day energy extraction. If any of these three companies simply vanished overnight, the world energy system would start to break down by the following morning. Without their technology – and their corporate ability to integrate systems of systems – the world would quickly revert to an energy state of the 1850s or so.

I should add that you can’t just pigeonhole these guys. It’s way too glib to say that Schlumberger is a great wireline company, Halliburton is a great well cementing company and Baker Hughes is a great drill bit company.

Yes, each statement is true, as far as it goes. But each company also offers a full line of energy-development technology, with the process thinking and systems management to make it happen.

Beyond just the extraction phase, you need to think in terms of upgrading the products into something else – product transformation. For example, I’ve held Weyerhaeuser (NYSE:WY) in the Outstanding Investments portfolio for a couple of years. No, it’s NOT that I’m playing on the possibility of a housing recovery, although that would doubtless be good for a “tree growing company” like Weyerhaeuser.

It’s more that I like Weyerhaeuser because it controls large swaths of biomass – that is, “trees” and all the other stuff that comes from growing and harvesting trees. I mean lumber, of course, plus bark, chips, sawdust and everything else that comes out of those vast swaths of forestland up in Washington, Oregon, etc.

So Weyerhaeuser controls biomass – but now what? Weyerhaeuser is partnered with no less than oil giant Chevron to develop – “leapfrog” is more like it – new technology to turn this biomass into something that a refinery can process. This is far beyond the primitive idea of using corn for ethanol. Really, burn your food and deplete the agricultural soil just for motor fuel? (That’s why I call it “deathanol”).

So Weyerhaeuser has the biomass – the fundamental raw material. Chevron has the refining and marketing power. Now all they need is the correct technology to turn wood chips, etc., into a feedstock for refining fuel. It’s going to happen in a big way, and likely within five years or so.

So when you’re looking around for hi-tech investments, don’t forget to look around for the world’s cutting-edge energy service companies.

Byron King
For Daily Reckoning Australia

for the Uk you can go to the guardian or daily mail or any paper to see the uproar over there.
I could be casting a looong bowshot, but I think I may be correct as to the long term motives behind this sudden upsurge of interest.

I am also told a(possibly Canadian?? company has Purchased large areas of Tasmanias forestry too

Really ODD weather on Aus Radar screens..


Theres been more since Jan, and I find the excuses from BoM pathetic.

No way do all the screens go out, and or wonky with a similar issue.

And frankly the searing heat thats normal for Feb? well a few days near the high 30’s but most of Aus has had very good rains in the last 2 weeks as well.

Hey its nice, but it isn’t usual, and the plants are as confused as we are, I have Mulberries going Mouldy:-( on the tree. And Apples that are sunscorched at the same time.

Melons took weeks to sprout and then are so late they won’t set fruit.

Interesting times indeed.:-)

Following a really tangled trail..

I have often wondered how?

A railways Engineer managed to get to be the head of the IPCC.

Not a scrap of Climate cred to his CV

There really appears to be a whole lot more to this Pachauri character, and his amazing Global web, not one scrap of it appears to be open honest or ethically correct!

And I now think it’s obvious:-) as to just how the NZ temps managed to be higher lately, along with Australias.

It appears our Data is sent to the UK Had Cruddy crew to be adjusted and sent back.


Sad day! our own BoM is inept? cannot read its own data? and is incapably of presenting it AS IT IS!

Well this link shows why this is happening to my mind.

IPCC Patchauri connection+corruption all over the place.


I really really appreciate the hard work and effort provided by the authors on this above site,well done. I share it and hope you all find enlightenment too:-)

Ukraine Mystery Illness is Identified!


It would be really good to be able to tell you that the WHO or the CDC actually did the job they are supposed to be so “expert” at.

However a Ukrainian Pathologist did their job for them it appears!

Professor Victor Bachinsky, PhD., is a coroner in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine. He provides evidence which indicates that parainfluenza mixed with the H1N1 virus, not pneumonic plague, has caused so much illness in Ukraine. Yet more strains of influenza which have combined, a strong indication that we are dealing with a laboratory developed bio-weapon.

Full credit for this goes to?? an un named Infowars Ireland reporter, who has done a great job at getting the news to us all


I have been doing hours of looking, and as you may have noted on prior articles I wrote, neither WHO or the CDC are worth a cracker when it comes to actually informing the public!

They specialise in evasion, omission, or just plain bullshit!

For real current and believable information I am afraid going there would be a waste of time, especially if you happened to be ill.

Having worked out What! it is, however, now means they need to find out WHO?? manufactured and released this BIO WEAPON!!! into the populations of Ukraine and nearby countries.

umm I spy, with my little eye ,a company beginning with….B!!

Later update:

WHO finally had a press conference and said…Nothing of use to researchers!

see here.

WHO Evades Ukraine Sequence Questions at News Conference

It makes life very hard for those who’s job it is to help, and hardly shows care or concern for those that are ill. But then it is appearing to me that both WHO and CDC put the actual peoples lives well behind their Egos and profit.




You Have to read This …re Sweden and Swine Flu Vacc *Illness*


ok I read Alexs story …and…


I swear here, with reason!

I got curious!

So I checked out the named Company that supplied Sweden

see my post to the comments, and please , Follow the link..

it is truly staggering to see what/who? they purchased from..


amicus curiae Says:
October 24th, 2009 at 7:23 am


oh boy!
a whopping??? 2,000sq feet plant, in what looks like an old house?
NOT ONE media or any other mention of a damn thing BUT H5N1 from 2008!!!!!!
and Sweden bought crap from them……………?????????????????????????
WHO THE FUCK? WAS NAPPING?? when THAT decision was made?????
they are a cover for whom?

Well people,? would YOU feel confident and safe? after reading the web pages of OMN Invest? Invest being the real reason I suspect!

Pro Vaccine Propaganda Begins!

I just got my NYTimes mail, almost hit the roof as I read the Guff!

heres a snip..saying how AFTER Vaccination….there will be heart attacks, strokes and miscarriages..

But those events will not necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine. That poses a public relations challenge for federal officials, who remember how sensational reports of deaths and illnesses derailed the large-scale flu vaccine drive of 1976.

This time they are making plans to respond rapidly to such events and to try to reassure a nervous public —

(I bet they are!!)


Dontcha loove the way they can say 2,400 miscarriages a day is NORMAL.

Ok so if it is.. then HOW MANY average seasonal miscarriages are women with FLU??

Gee, they NEVER counted !! But now they need to scare people, ALL pregnant women who miscarried will now be Swine Flu victims on their books, you could bet money on it! and they!! ARE betting, that you will pay them money for the Vaccine as a result of their Biased reports!

sheesh! amazing how they can put the slant they want on it!!

In my Opinion, Donald G Mc Niell jnr is mouthing CDC  Propaganda, and I was so angry to read how”some Vietnam vets blamed Agent Orange for their ills”

What the F!!!! is wrong with this fellow? HOW Much PROOF would it take to wake the dim bastard up I wonder???

Autism HAS risen exponentially since the Vaccination campaigns to attack babies did!! Coincidence?? Personally I think no coincidence at all!

Read it if you need an adrenaline rush!

Don,t read it if you have high blood pressure or ulcers:-)