Porky Flys, and Porky Pies! and Anthrax ReInvents itself?

Recently followers of Food Freedom or FarmWars or PPJ would have read of the insane  and Unexplained rush to eradicate a whole lot of Old Breed and Heritage Pigs in certain AmeriKKan states byt the USDA swat teams.

No Sane explanations given as to why? the sudden rush to remove everything they can that isn’t in a CAFO and an inbred weak pink piggy.

The sheer Insanity of culling what are precious rare breeds with hugely valuable gene pools, and yeah ,ok some mongrel  crosses, but owned and constrained and cared for none the less but this campaign seemed  ONLY to be targeting well cared for owned and small farmed breeders.

Well, I may? have discovered the reason behind it.

I can’t be sure, but I sure can take an educated guess they had an Ulterior motive for it.

I apologise that to read why you will have to go to links, the site I found info on will not allow even small para snips.

Awhile back I found an odd report about Russia having an outbreak of an UNusual strain of Swine Fever..its not so rare BUT it is for anywhere outside of ? Africa.

see here.

Russian pig population under ASF threat

not the first report I read but the most recent.

now under it in an item NOT given newsletter prominence was this one

Russia accuses Georgia of swine fever sabotage

Funny…when I read the first report I wondered about the means it would have had to come into Russia by..

the Second one sure fills in the gaps as to possible import vectors.

And Gee the good ol USDA had EXperts…on ground.

Call me suspicious, it sure seems all too co incidental to BE a coincidence!

a Vaccine program gone wrong?

or a Vaccine program doing what was intended? hmm?

Now what may have been given to certain USA piggeries by accident or intent?

maybe? designed to target old and wild breeds? but didnt work as planned?

or carried home by the EXperts just like White Nose and Chiclid fungus was???

There’s huge agribiz interests in Pig genetics and the Monmen patented genetics from old breeds claiming it theirs..

Also very weird closer to  ameriKKan shores a report of a Piggery in Chile about to cull all 500 K pigs on their farm.


because the townsfolk nearby couldnt stand the stench..supposedly caused by Aerator failure.

sorry but that would not create such a huge smell issue as far as I can ascertain. If the aerator ceased the pools would go anoxic, and be degassing Methane a risk for explosion but also not a “smelly” gas. the residues would stink sure, but they have a water cover. Aerators  oxygenate end stir, they have nothing to do with pumps and water supposedly running into local streams etc, thats another issue. Theres a whole lot wrong about this story.

However a whole pile of Dead pigs would create a pong smelt for miles in numbers..

Its said the workers left the pigs without food and water..afterwards, and many have died. Sorry, but for the millions of dollars/pesos whatever.. involved in operations like this and automated systems that could be operated by management etc, its not ringing true.

If anyone has better info by all means post it commentwise:-)

here’s the item.

Half million pigs from smelly Chilean farm to be slaughtered | GantDaily.com

Now if this was your business wouldn’t you be selling anything you could anywhere you could as fast as possible?

In a country with high population and demand?

why? would you cull Half a MILLION moneymaking animals

Insurance? as an Insurer I would  fail their claim. Negligence doesn’t make the grade. BUT if you had pigs dying, before, and then publicity and you are worried what might be found??? hmm? then  culling suddenly makes more sense.

===============now about ANTHRAX It is reported an Entirely NEW STRAIN of Anthrax has been found in?

Kyrgyzstan. rather an odd spot for this?

New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

NOT so strange if you know that Prior years Russian Bioweapons labs were placed in some very out of the way areas..and were not exactly decomissioned as such.

Reliance on site island in a lake…and the lake dried up years ago for eg.

OR that could be an easy  assumption for many to call, when it’s a new lab product released by someone wanting to see what it does in somewhere far off shore..?

The very problematic issue here is this
new” strain is not only apparently a nonresponder to present Vax.

It also is infecting animals WITH prior Vaccination to  standard strains.

Then I see this report

Anthrax detected in Indonesia

they do NOT mention strain in this..and they also have Epic FAIL as regards notification timeframe of reports and area control.

As a long lasting soil borne vector they are in deep shit.

Decades old cattle trails in usa still have Anthrax spores viable and infecting unlucky animals using them from time to time. In a humid climate the risk of spread is so much worse.

I will continue to keep an eye out for related reports and update as I find.


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  1. Posted by Cudden Happen on June 23, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    What you are saying would be like building a canine distemper vaccine off something like bluetongue paramyxo for an intended enhanced vaccinative potency and then seeing it run wild as some new format of disease.

    Not that such a thing would happen, of course.


  2. Posted by ozspeaksup on June 23, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    gee do you mean like that Merk canine Vax that KILLED dogs and happened to contain bluetongue strains…nah couldnt happen…could it:-)
    or the Horse influenza one also containing a whole lot more than horse strains that gave greyhounds sharing the track a serious canine influenza that spread all over America a couple of years ago and caused the death of thousands of shelter dogs deemed too little worth to spend funds on antibiotics?
    nah of course that couldnt happen.
    Like the unexplained outbreak of Paramyxo in Aussie pigeons lately…and the weird Hendra outbreaks?
    cuddent happen at all…could it:-)


  3. Posted by Cudden Happen on June 23, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    These HAPPENED?
    You’re bullshitting me!!
    Holy Crap, what sort of academic responsibility is that?
    You’d expect that sort of shit at Umatilla or Porton Downe.
    But not at AAHL, surely???
    Pigeon paramyxo??
    Is THAT why the State of Victoria has trod on all pigeon lofts and shut down pigeon racing?
    Hang on, there was one seppo vax mob shut themselves down after a distemper vax recall the same time that first Qld horse trainer went down…………
    But that would mean they’ve – ptb – known the whole time what was happening???
    Cudden Happen!
    Geezus, you AREN’T bullshitting, are you.


    • Posted by ozspeaksup on June 23, 2012 at 4:09 pm

      Nah No Bullshit:-)
      when we have CSL labs here doing some amazing evasion on why so many kids here had severe reactions to the Fluvax jabs last year,( their media response stated TOO MANY viral contents) WTF??? while the people in the know themselves dont accept the lack of data and reasons glibly provided.
      and yet the govt remains silent?
      When that suspect Pigeon paramyxo causes racing and showing aus wide to be shut down, but they fail to mention native birds at risk or spreading?
      and again its sooo odd its a seemingly rare unknown, very little data available..
      flaring up close in time to Hendra too? and now found in NSW.
      and ever so curiously
      NO ONE has ever managed to explain how and why aussie fruitbats developed Hendra.
      we seem to have funded some young lass for a stay on Africa to discover they have a variant there, but Africas a long way and she did NOT mention if the dna is same . suspect it is not.


  4. Posted by ozspeaksup on June 23, 2012 at 4:15 pm


    and then they use GMO mods on vaccines so anyones guess whats likely to occur…till its a bit late?


    • Posted by ozspeaksup on June 23, 2012 at 4:20 pm

      I found this segment of interest..

      Some genetically engineered viral vaccines consist of chimera viruses that combine aspects of two infective viral genomes. One example is the live Flavivirus chimera vaccine against West Nile virus (WNV) in horses (PreveNile), registered in the United States in 2006. The structural genes of the attenuated yellow fever YF-17D backbone virus have been replaced with structural genes of the related WNV. Chimera avian influenza virus vaccines have been produced on a backbone of an existing, attenuated Newcastle disease virus vaccine strain to protection against wild-type influenza virus as well as against Newcastle disease virus.

      DNA vaccines are also being developed that consist of gene segments of infectious organisms. They are injected directly into cells for the production of the desired immunizing antigens. Intradermal injectors are used to deliver the DNA directly to the dendritic cells of the dermis. This system induces antibody and cell mediated immunity with a single injection and provides prolonged immunity. A DNA vaccine is being tested for feline leukemia virus. A DNA vaccine licensed with the USDA has been developed to protect horses against viremia caused by WNV. WNV infection, caused by a flavivirus belonging to the Japanese encephalitis virus complex, is enzootic in parts of Africa and Asia. It was first detected in 1999 in the US in an outbreak involving birds, horses, and humans in New York, subsequently spreading rapidly to many states.


  5. Posted by ozspeaksup on June 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    and this is interesting as well…created problems for profit?
    If you understand how profit affects human medicine, you can then look at the vaccination hype with 20/20 vision. How many remember the Parvo outbreak? Dates you doesn’t it? Well, then you remember that it supposedly erupted spontaneously at the Collie Specialty. Sure. And it spread almost simultaneously around the globe. Impossible! Unlike the rapid spread of human virus, hundreds of host-dogs didn’t jet all over the world that week. There was a flurry of veterinary articles that espoused the laboratory-created theory but they were soon drowned out by drug company rhetoric espousing the spontaneous outbreak theory.

    A grateful public rushed to grab the vaccine to protect their pets from the new and dreaded virus. Those early parvo vaccines caused serious reproductive problems but the only people who knew it were breeders and breeder vets. The good vet who vaccinated sterilized pets had no reason to care about reproductive problems, he was just glad to have a new vaccine and new clients coming through the door to get it!

    I wrote for The Dog back then, the weekly predecessor of Ric’s old Canine Chronicle. Dr. Erbeck was the veterinary columnist. We both wrote about Parvo but he provided all the technical data to support his theory that parvo virus was in fact, a laboratory mutation. Our reader survey generated a flood of reports that conclusively linked compromised immune systems, fertility problems, even C-sections, to the hastily released feline distemper vaccine (for parvo) and the subsequently approved canine derivative parvo vaccine. If in fact the creation of parvo virus it was a marketing strategy, it was inconceivably cruel but totally successful. If it was only a laboratory mistake, it was still enormously profitable and set the stage for a host of subsequent frightful new diseases which are immediately followed by the panacea.


  6. Posted by Cudden Happen on June 24, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    A vet wholesaler tells me vax recall was approx half-million doses, the same week horse trainer Rails hit heavenly choir selection due succumbing to the world’s first outbreak of Hendra.
    And that it was a quite secret -weekend – recall @ the end of that week.
    Excuse given was blue-tongue contaminated…………….
    “Built”?? maybe??
    Ten weeks to replacement on sale shelves.

    Bit suss, or what??

    Am also appraised parvo was a new cat ‘flu live-vax gone wild a.t.t.
    Planned, or accidental apparently not known.

    Re Russia:
    That island is in Lake Baikal. I read about it in some spy pot boiler.
    The lake is half dry now and the sturgeon population decimated to near gone due toxins/chems/salt due overuse of the input waterways for cotton irrigation as one of the major five year and touted to west “superiority of soviets” plan successes of the mid-fifties-sixties.
    In hindsight, it might have paid them to plan a bit longer.
    The supposed major risk there is a plague type far worse than all Hitler and etc did with plague in WWII, plus the rats and fleas bred there and still evident only need bite you once and that’s it.
    Supposedly, the plant is [or was] decrepit, and a hang-out of squatters and homeless people, however this is unlikely as one of the major products was about the nastiest and most lethally effective bio-virus of the lot of them, Marburg V., or reputedly so.

    But, like I says,

    Cudden Happen


    • Posted by ozspeaksup on June 24, 2012 at 1:31 pm

      I have been hunting Aussie vax recall info for a while, its VERY strange that there was NO PUBLIC notice given about it at all.
      Seeing as it was a real and serious threat to animal and probably risk to human as well, ie the Rail event, any sane effort to minimise harm would have required some public notices. but there are NONE I can find and I have been tenacious, and ongoing.

      the other very weird thing is that Bluetongue is so very very detrimental to any country with livestock and exports as well as IN country animal health.
      YET? Merk knowingly used it IN a vax?
      in species in which it should never BE, wonderful way to create a zoonosis capable of much wider spread, and quite hard to track or even begin to diagnose when its species inappropriate to consider it as a probable cause.
      Apart from death illness to recipients, it makes tracking and containing vectors damn hard.
      from the above prior items…this line..

      Chimera avian influenza virus vaccines have been produced on a backbone of an existing, attenuated Newcastle disease virus vaccine strain to protection against wild-type influenza virus as well as against Newcastle disease virus.

      I suspect the chimera is out of the bottle in Aus and one of these vax, supposedly for Newcastle given to EVERY poultry farm and a lot of aviary show and opher birds may well BE the reason for the new outbreak
      the advice to try the Newcastle vax as a maybe? useful treatment preventative will probably make it worse.
      but gee
      Cudden happen…:-) what say you?


  7. Posted by ozspeaksup on June 24, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    How nasty is Distemper??
    try this..

    An earlier report by Appel and Summers (Veterinary Microbiology , No. 44, 1995) discussed unexpected distemper episodes in captive lions in California and javelinas in Arizona. In 1988, a mutation of CDV allowed the virus to kill 90 percent of the harbor seals in the North Sea. And, in 1994, a slightly different morbillivirus (CDV is a morbillivirus, as are the viruses for measles and rinderpest) killed several horses and their trainer in Australia.


    now we have had ONE dog show Hendra Antibodies and what did they do?
    they killed him. Although he had recovered well and could have been a far better source for vaccines for other dogs.
    one presently is, so we are told ,showing weak positive reaction to tests and to be retested.
    there is NO mention of the dogs immunisation history or age in the new one.
    the poor dog that was killed was around Five. which makes him having reaction even more curious.


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