Following a really tangled trail..

I have often wondered how?

A railways Engineer managed to get to be the head of the IPCC.

Not a scrap of Climate cred to his CV

There really appears to be a whole lot more to this Pachauri character, and his amazing Global web, not one scrap of it appears to be open honest or ethically correct!

And I now think it’s obvious:-) as to just how the NZ temps managed to be higher lately, along with Australias.

It appears our Data is sent to the UK Had Cruddy crew to be adjusted and sent back.


Sad day! our own BoM is inept? cannot read its own data? and is incapably of presenting it AS IT IS!

Well this link shows why this is happening to my mind.

IPCC Patchauri connection+corruption all over the place.

I really really appreciate the hard work and effort provided by the authors on this above site,well done. I share it and hope you all find enlightenment too:-)

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