Pro Vaccine Propaganda Begins!

I just got my NYTimes mail, almost hit the roof as I read the Guff!

heres a snip..saying how AFTER Vaccination….there will be heart attacks, strokes and miscarriages..

But those events will not necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine. That poses a public relations challenge for federal officials, who remember how sensational reports of deaths and illnesses derailed the large-scale flu vaccine drive of 1976.

This time they are making plans to respond rapidly to such events and to try to reassure a nervous public —

(I bet they are!!)

Dontcha loove the way they can say 2,400 miscarriages a day is NORMAL.

Ok so if it is.. then HOW MANY average seasonal miscarriages are women with FLU??

Gee, they NEVER counted !! But now they need to scare people, ALL pregnant women who miscarried will now be Swine Flu victims on their books, you could bet money on it! and they!! ARE betting, that you will pay them money for the Vaccine as a result of their Biased reports!

sheesh! amazing how they can put the slant they want on it!!

In my Opinion, Donald G Mc Niell jnr is mouthing CDC  Propaganda, and I was so angry to read how”some Vietnam vets blamed Agent Orange for their ills”

What the F!!!! is wrong with this fellow? HOW Much PROOF would it take to wake the dim bastard up I wonder???

Autism HAS risen exponentially since the Vaccination campaigns to attack babies did!! Coincidence?? Personally I think no coincidence at all!

Read it if you need an adrenaline rush!

Don,t read it if you have high blood pressure or ulcers:-)


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