Newsflash! Aussies may take TOP PLACE in the STUPID IDEAS Parade

This grieves me to have to write. a headline like this,



it’s likely to be True!

Farmonline is a Aussie Rural Paper, THIS  link leads to what I really do consider the all time classic “Shit for Brains” idea, of the year 09, and possibly all time!

It appears a few bright young things with a smattering of ag training and gift of the Gab, have suckered a cluster of people who really SHOULD Know Better, to Experiment!

That IS what it is! at the expense and effort of the Sheepfarmers in Aus.

If you havent followed the link yet..

FEEDLOTTING SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With irrefutable evidence of cruelty in confinement of Cattle and Pigs and Chickens, Diseases and Illness from overcrowding and proximity and stress.

Antibiotic abuse, and now suggestions to Immunize people as they cannot stop the illness( salmonella) in the meat. TRUE!

I can provide the link, if? anyone doubts it.

This lot of FOOLS! have decided that Sheep now need to be victimized as well.

There will be a ( GM and Chem) Industry backer somewhere, pushing the GM Grains as pellets or meal for them too.

They envision training for farmers and councils in the areas of waste effluent. gee amazing when that too! is a worldwide PROBLEM and health hazard for all animals humans and the ecosystem!

All the weeds that sheep keep browsed to ground level, hence stopping the spread of most of the seed? Gone!

All the natural fertilizing? gone too!

Its amazing they can be backed by the Meat and livestock Council, yet so far…have had NO CONTACT with the community they are about to Ruin. Stating that Sept meetings would interfere with harvests?

UMM? I would like to point out that even in the Hot mid north of SA they rarely harvest before Nov. at the earliest, and usually Dec/ Jan, in late start years. this happens to be a late year for many.

Lamb has been the only safe meat for anyone who wants a cruelty(feedlotted/caged) free meat, without massive price hike for Cert Organic. There is some possible chemical stubble grazing issues, but most eat pasture year round, and hay for supplementary feed in dry summer.

Sheep can, and do, graze wooded areas and keep weeds down, helping to avoid bushfire hazards. Our land that can barely manage to keep 1!! yes 1 dry ewe to the acre can still be a weed and fire problem.

The confined yarding will NOT free up land to grow feed onsite, for the majority of landowners, so it really IS another ploy to keep farmers buying in commercial feeds, and I will bet money , that!

IS going to be, GM corn canola and cotton meal, and soy.

You run sheep on land that is poor to marginal for any other crop and animal, as they are tough and good foragers.

You will note they mention feeding issues, and list some “problems” in pastured sheep..

hmm? IF the soil is correctly mineralised, and NOT treated with Superphosphates, the nitrogen, and scouring issues DO NOT exist! They only eat new growth when given no option to wait till the first flush growth is over, Animals KNOW to avoid it, Humans Force them to eat it or starve.

Scrapie ( causes skin ulcers,transmissable to humans aka as woolsorters disease) and Blue tongue become problems in some Live shipments due to overcrowding and stress, Imagine the odds of it in CAFO.

Flystrike will be rampant unless they are so doused or drenched that no one would consider eating the resultant meat.

Overseas markets when they hear of it, and I hope they DO!!

Will be less than impressed!

I hope they contact the  simpletons planning it, and the MLA, to either cancel orders, or protest and STOP!!! it going ahead!

Before someone says..but..they keep sheep in barns in Europe and UK and Scotland, well, yes, they do!

Why? because of snow, footrot from boggy soils and in vastly smaller herds than we run in Aus, and for the minumum time required to keep them safe.

NOT as a full time lifecyle option!

Lice can be a problem even in free ranging animals, when resistance  to poisons used develops, as it HAS already, what will they do when  many thousands all have matted and ruined fleeces from it?

There has been suggestions from some(elsewhere), that they want to re institute DIAZINON again as a control. EU bans it on fleece they process, and it contaminates the meat and milk also!

I add the link to the page, so you can see and disbelieve it for yourselves!

Feel very free to email and protest!

Agricultural consultants, sheep and cattle nutrition, providing quality on-farm guidance and management advice – Productive Nutrition


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