How to be REALLY Unpopular ,USA.Just do this…

I found this article on Global research, and at first glance was puzzled..

How? was this going to be a  Military and Intelligence matter…

Oh boy!


An African Command??

Worried about other countries using THEIR OWN Fuel and Resources…for their OWN People??

Damn…How Dare They do that!

If AmeriKa wants to start a big Shitfight, following this insane greedy and downright offensive mindset. well it certainly will get the few people who aren’t already pretty cheesed off with the not so good old USA, in a right sour mood!

Amazed no one was more blunt with Mrs Clinton, like, OK- don’t let the door bang your butt as you leave!

Loved the inane comment about Only??? a 3ft rise in ocean levels would jeopardise their base..

OK so what? century do they envisage this problem in????

And who’s fault is it they CHOSE to build a base on an island at or near sea one but Military HQ itself. Funny really, all that Know How and Ingenuity, and they can’t work out they need to either MOVE IT! or Loose it:-) funny funny stupid!!

The small detail that Bangladesh has had, and will continue to have major floods, and Sudan etc is a desert for chrissakes! yeah water and food are a bit scarce, so? whats new?

not one thing!

What do they do now, umm food drops, sometimes. And Eu/Pommy mobs go in, Us follows on.

Patrick O’Connor summed it up so neatly:-)

{What is being prepared here is a humanitarian and even environmental pretext for military interventions aimed at advancing Washington’s strategic and economic interests.}

US military and intelligence agencies identify climate change as “national security” threat

Wonder what? bit of Piss Off!!  Global Warming is a SCAM!!!! don’t they understand?

Love to suggest some other country, build a few bases in USA, just to keep the thing balanced you know…

We would never hear the end of it! yet the USA is the worlds most AGGRESSIVE power. full stop!

I grew up with Russia being know looking at it, they aren’t a patch on what US did ,does and plans to continue doing.

AmeriKa is building its own Gulags, planning to number anything that moves, and lock up what moves too fast,not fast enough, or thinks for itself. Control of food , water and people. withholding basic health care, and housing etc.

So? tell me whats the difference between all those”nasty regimes” and the AmeriKan one thats developing now??? Personally I fail to see much at all. Oh an armed populace? For how long?

The old joke was, Over paid, Over sexed, and Over here.

Now its Over Bearing, Over Rated, and Everywhere!


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