Someone I’D like you all to meet, Mark Sircus IMVA

The gentleman who wrote the article I am submitting the link for, is COTO, before COTO, and gives me a lot of hope and also very good information on alternative health issues. I have been a subscriber to his mails for over 12 months and every one has taught me something I needed to know:-)

In the coming maelstrom, his sensible health guide and basic items to treat illness may just save many lives.

And strangely? Its all very low cost and very effective, just what pharma hates, which  means -it is valid and worthwhile!

He has been doing his best to wake people up as COTO is also attempting, so I hope you all find his words of value as I do.


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  1. yep, it’s a good piece. sounds like it’ll be a great book. I first learned that concept of one being tortured so all could live well from an article by Bob Koehler.. Reclaiming Omellas at

    I didn’t know Doystoyevski broached the idea.


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