Supposed Australian Swine flu Breakthrough..

This evening I heard a news report about our  Uni of Queensland, having developed a vaccine for the new flu.

ABC News – Just In – Breaking News as it happens from around Australia and the world

click on the swine flu tab

A brag line about a new method had my ears twitching, A look on Barbaras Farm Wars blog, an article I wote earlier this year as Amicus, on the mexican outbreak and a company called Novavax, will have you clearer as to why !

Tracking the news break , I find they are “in Collaboration” with a US Company.

So, as you do , I decided to see what and who, frantic that it may be Novavax, who I still suspect of being linked to the outbreak in the beginning. Nothing so far found has changed my opinion.

Well some relief is that it does NOT appear to be Novavax.


The company that it IS, is just a bit “interesting” too. A legal and funding battle last year, with a fairly large backing Co.

BioPortfolio – BioPortfolio – Protein Sciences Corporation

A Complete management change over in APRIL 09 and a few short weeks later this announcement.

A FAST TRACK appro in with the FDA, for a “viral blocker” type vaccination.

These people are using the Insect vector, and I finally found a lot more details, imagine.. it is the embryonic ovaries of a moth…they use to breed the cell lines. One thing..(maybe the best point is it negates the use of Mercury it appears)

And I happened across a Belgium lab selling the cell lines, 189Euros gets you enough to breed a litre, and it appears about 5ml is a dose, so it is very time and cost efficient, for them, Not very sure about us users!

Sf9 Insect Cells

The Flublocking concoction has had some human trial up to stage 3 they say.( no data supplied)

The Flu vacc has had NONE and yet is being touted already and Large Government Cash Input is expected by the US side of it.

I cannot get the us Patent details to come up maybe someone else reading will manage to do that, please feel free! 6,103,524


Maybe some of you have better sources to find out more about the new board?

I have alarm bells at finding the driving lab man is an EX MERK chap…..and we know how good a rep Merk does NOT have!

SO???? WHY?? are the Uni Of Queensland doing the announcing, and why? From the Protien Sciences own company info it was done already…there is something weird here, and I suspect a lot of Aussie taxpayers funding has been arranged for maybe? very little input , but a sweetheart deal to get funds.

SEE the protien sciences news bulletin   about the SWEETENED Deal they considered from the ex funding, takeover company….and how Protien Sciences avoided telling their shareholders about issues as they KNEW they would be sold off….hmmm

I am also just a bit curious at just HOW FAST and how many Aussies have caught this bug lately, we are as on this evening up to 5 deaths.

Who may have been trialling what? using us Aussies as a test species like the Mexicans were used mayhap?

In case someone has not seen it I also recommend the 2 reports on Baxter and the way the companies are all so ties in to governments worldwide. by Les Horowitz on Youtube.

And his very first warning on Novavax.


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  1. Here is some more Novavax info:

    I don’t listen to the MSM, but was told that news stations in California are completely hysterical and promoting fear, so I Googled it. Here is what I found:

    ABC news:

    Swine Flu Outbreak Escalates As California Declares State of Emergency

    The swine flu virus outbreak escalated today, with the total number of cases confirmed in the United States jumping to 71 and spreading to two more states, health officials said. Experts expect that figure to keep rising.

    Acting head of the CDC says he “fully expects deaths from this infection.”

    More Photos”I do expect more cases and expect more states to be affected,” Rear Admiral Dr. Anne Schuchat, interim deputy director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s science and public health program, told a Senate hearing today. “I think we need to be prepared that even if it starts to look a little better, it may get a little worse.”

    To fight the epidemic, the Obama administration is asking Congress for $1.5 billion. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president was requesting the funds “out of an abundance of caution” to “enhance our nation’s capability to respond to the potential spread of this outbreak.”

    THIS IS NOT A PANDEMIC! 71 people in the US have had the “flu” and there have been no deaths! This is all 100% hype! The head of the CDC “EXPECTS” deaths to occur from it. So a state of emergency has been declared in California, and a nationwide “pandemic” scare is in full force over 71 cases of the flu reported nationwide, which is indistinguishable from the common cold, and from which 0 people have died, because someone with ties to the pharmaceutical industry “thinks” that someone might die from it? These people are completely insane.


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