US Selling Gold it doesn,t really have?

U.S. Government Exporting Own Gold, Pretending Quantity In Vaults Is Unchanged : DGC Blog

I found this on Reality Zone, he should be linked too I reckon:-)

Amazing how they can twist and slither the figures and facts.

After reading the link to how they are trying to stop any examination of the FED’s books, why? am I not surprised?? It would appear there is a whole lot more being hidden

Until COTO links tipped me the nod as to what! was in bldg 7WTC I just thought it was a very odd incident..ok I was naive:-)

Now knowing that the Enron mob and a whole pile more filthy deeds were ever so conveniently obliterated, and realising that “collateral damage” was accepted as a ruse for another, oil based, money pit for blackwhatsit etc..

I am just gobsmacked and bewildered at how so much crap can go down in broad daylight and be gotten away with.

So this little story is just one more installment in the worlds greatest Fairy Tale.


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