Amazing that they send me the oped updates..good marketing, or an oversight?
Item by Krugman i saw in NYTimes Op-ED and it had me spitting.(copied to oped.. must be short of authors:-)
A real whitewash and keep em calm effort, and then some.
Prices down he says??
Where does he shop?,
Even in Aust, I read the US( not sure whom) threatened the grocery/processors to lower prices, after.?7 months of lower input costs.Consumer prices for Dairy are rising, yet, they have huge stockpiles, and even donated some to 3rd world lately, But Dairies are killing cows, going broke, dumping milk.
Situation is similar in Aus, and I hear Europe too.
Never has Fiat Money not meant hyperinflation, at some time after.
I hear whole blocks of homes are being Razed, same as 1930’s.
I hear that animals and crops were requisitioned and destroyed , to keep prices high in the ’30s too.
Any takers on how soon?
At the moment it seems to be easier to bankrupt them, but they cannot do that to everyone, I guess the New proposed HR Laws, etc will finish the small farmer off , as intended, soon, IF? the congress approves it.


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