Question about Coronavirus source

Something I am NOT seeing is the origins of the wildlife suspected of carrying the disease

OK so the outbreaks  supposed to have come from a combo of Snake/Bat zoonotic crossover

Thats not unheard of, think Hendra crossing from Bats(flying foxes) in Aus, Hendra from Bats infects Horses via faeces or urine on fruit/grasses undertrees, and then from ill horses, to humans.

Hendra kills humans and horses ,but dogs produce antibodies and are ok.

Hendra WAS found in a Herpetology collection in Qld some yrs ago as well, they didnt say if the snakes were ok or died.

Nipah , amazingly appearing almost the same time as Hendra but in Asia,affects dogs pigs monkeys and humans. Also blamed on Bats as Carriers and it killed all the species.

So the question I really would like to see asked and answered BY those whos job it is to know..

is ,where did the snakes and bats IN the Wuhan Markets come from???

Because the originating source was probably rural trappers or breeders, who brought them into the city for sale.

Those sellers and the villages they come FROM  would be a high risk of outbreak/carriers ,but not ONE mention has been made of ANY rural deaths or illnesses and thats  more than  weird its downright suspicious.

If your’e an epidemiologist the original source is the PRIME interest to track down and halt. The Wuhan Market is a  Vector- but the  REAL SOURCE is being ignored

I see Chinas govt  requested that rural farmers continue to supply foods TO the major cities in lockdown, which is, obviously vital to prevent starvation and more panic.

But if the same  vendors  are  without /limited  health care or  enquiry into how healthy their villages/families are?

They  are banned from selling the bats and snakes and other wildlife now, but their homes,farms and transport vehicles were used to do so and  probably havent been destroyed(financial reasons obviously) or sterilized well enough- if at all- to ensure they’re safe for other foods.

For people living in poverty as many rural chinese appear to do then they arent going to be wasting a food source, but probably consuming it themselves as they lost sales.

Then, it appears to me at least, it’s a rather large risk to keep bringing possible new contamination with them.

Then too , is the possibility that  they have had milder forms of the coronavirus, some survived and would then be Prime sources of blood/tissue to develop a vaccine FROM.

Support this mans efforts to get the truth about the Great Barrier Reef seen!

As an Australian, once again I am shamed by our institutions of supposed higher learning. Once again they seek to suppress and place under gag orders any one who dares question the “accepted” (paid for) predetermined outcome / biased results

see the issue here:

James Cook University @jcu censures a climate skeptic – help him fight back

All US Warming, And Almost Half Of The Data, Is Fake

Source: All US Warming, And Almost Half Of The Data, Is Fake


excellent sleuthing, been watching this grow and spread but hadnt looked into it enough

John Cook is” loose with the truth”

John Cook is a Filthy Liar.

PPR in Goats and Sheep in Congo/Hendra similarities?

This one is sure not common,

Goat and sheep disease causes crisis in Congo

Peste des Petit Ruminant..

another name is…Goat plague.

Because I happen to like animals a lot, and was mystified on this one, I went for a look see out of curiousity.

What Idiscovered has me doing some thinking on the VERY oddness of the surge in MORBILLI Viruses, and Paramyxo disease outbreaks in the last few years.

I can add the  previously unknown Paramyxo that has appeared in  Pigeons in Victoria, and now NSW and some wild birds found dead/ill as well, though not many- to this list of outta the blue never seens as well. Funny how the PTB are advising using the Newcastle vaccine as a May? be useful preventative..when that same vaccine also has bluetongue again  in its mix.

The fact that Measles and Distemper are also Paramyxo , the fact that theres a Huge push to revaccinate troops especially, as well as  civilians for Measles, when the measles vaccines do not offer the  real immunity that actually Having the Native version would offer, and the true incidence of problems with REAL Measles are in truth very low incident wise.

It’s especially pertinent to  Australian events with the HENDRA outbreaks  this year killing Horses, once again, and putting owners, other pets on their property and any poor Veterinarians treating them at personal risk. and the risk is high !

Death  is quite possible and HAS happened.

In Australia the Hendra is blamed solely on transmission BY Fruit Bats aka Flying foxes.

Arboreal nusiances that  eat fruit and nectar, fine if they as native critters kept to native foods, however they do not, and they seem to be rather happy to live right in central suburbia in their huge colonies, making a lot of noise and crapping and peeing all over everything under them.

We have them  colonising a central Botanic Garden and also living in a NSW schools lunch shed.

This places visitors to said gardens and ALL children and adults at that school at a massive risk of become the next fatality of Hendra.

We also have a vociferous cluster of senseless ultra green people who keep blocking any moves to remove by culling the colonies placing many people and animals at risk.

Yes they ARE a Native Species, thats true.

However they are in HUGE numbers and are NOT Threatened, complete eradication of colonies IN suburbia would hardly make a dent in their numbers.. selective area culling in rural areas where horses are kept would also not cause them to become extinct.


and Nipah that killed people in an Asian outbreak, and caused a large number of pigs to be killed to halt the spread if it there, are  in the Paramyxo/Morbilli virus genres

Rather curious how they appeared very close  in time, in distant nations..Totally unknown before..slight difference in  Nipah, again blamed on bats..

Extremely curious that  theres a link to  Bluetongue disease, in the MERK vaccine that was a CANINE targeted sales item, and had a very sudden weekend recall at the Exact time that the Hendra outbreak occurred.. Their own web pages ADMIT that that vaccine killed Dogs. They fail to mention how many, across how many nations and if? they even had the decency to admit and  compensate owners or treat victims that may? have survived..there’s NO mention beyond passing references.

With that companies prior history with other Vaccine issues I doubt anything much was done past recall.

Sidenote: Theres a link on the FMD page to a Merial company Sth African, BVI, making the FMD vaccines.and they also do rinderpest. used widely.

PPR misdiagnosed? as rinderpest, so who wasn’t testing but assuming?

How many assumed Rinderpest issues in EU etc were maybe PPR?

How close is the supposedly new? Schmallenberg virus to it I wonder?

That company is tied in at a few years distance,  with   a company once in Aus that shut down here and offshored to? yeah Sth Africa, via the usual convoluted tangle of  buyups takeovers etc etc.

Even more worth taking some note is the fact that a certain  vaccine was based  with LIVE  Bluetongue, and used widely, then very suddenly recalled, just as the first Aussie victim of Hendra,  Vic Rail, and a large number of his horses who died as well occured in Aus!

Exceptionally odd as Aus does’nt Have Bluetongue and allowing a vaccine using any part of that to be even allowed IN the country let alone used in canines and other species at all is  nothing short of crazy!

They can Never guarantee that ALL the virus is actually  totally inactive ie. live virus weakened but NOT dead.  Still Used here for Distemper in Dogs but inactivated

(which is why POLIO vaccine recipients then GET POLIO as evidenced and proven recently in multiple 3rd world nations being pushed?forced to  vaccinate kids)


Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), also known as goat plague, is caused by a paramyxovirus of the Morbillivirus genus. It was first described in 1942 in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa (see References: Dhar 2002) and is closely related to rinderpest virus, canine distemper virus, and human measles virus. The virus has the following characteristics (see References: OIE 2002):

  • May survive at 60C for 60 minutes
  • Stable from pH 4.0 to 10.0
  • Killed by alcohol, ether, and detergents as well as by most disinfectants (eg, phenol, sodium hydroxide)
  • Long survival time in chilled and frozen tissues
  • ============================================


For PPR to spread, close contact between infected and susceptible animals is needed (see References: Ozkul 2002). There are several means of transmission between animals (see References: Saliki 2008):

  • Inhalation of aerosols produced by sneezing and coughing of infected animals
    • Outbreaks are more frequent during the rainy season or the dry, cold season (see References: OIE 2002).
  • Direct contact with ocular, nasal, or oral secretions
  • Direct contact with feces
  • Fomites such as bedding, water, and feed troughs
  • No carrier state is known to exist


PPR has been found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa for several decades and in the Middle East and southern Asia since 1993. It has been reported in Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. It was first reported in southern India in 1987. The Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, and the rest of the Indian Subcontinent reported PPR incidents during 1993-1995. The disease has remained endemic in these areas. It has also occurred in Turkey (1996), Iraq (2000), Iran (1994), Bangladesh (1993 and 2000), and Nepal (1995) (see References: Dhar 2002).

  • In India, PPR was first confirmed in March 1987 in sheep suspected of having rinderpest. It is now believed that many outbreaks in India previously attributed to rinderpest were actually PPR. The virus was isolated four more times by 1992, and major epidemics occurred in the state of Andhra Pradesh in 1994-1995 and 1997-1998 (see References: Taylor 2002).
  • In Africa and Asia, the disease is particularly devastating, as these countries often use small ruminants as components of agricultural food production (see References: EMPRES 1999).

I hope you noted the  bolded fragment?


so? if it does NOT have a known carrier to infect the first animal? how does it magically appear I have to ask.

Aw Hell! how come they haven’t though about BATS???that DO carry Paramyxo and DO live in caves etc in the areas where the goats etc happen to run as well??

Or maybe? they need to try and find that ONE genus of Midge as in EU:-)

No Ones explained EVER how Bats get it…maybe the base carrier worldwide is actually MIDGES?

Tied in with this is the fact that an Aussie lass went to Sth Africa for reasons rather UNspecified, and lo and behold finds that HENDRA is Highly prevalent IN Sth African Bat species.Though the Paramyxo Morbillis DO seem to be having an amazing global upsurge..

Her radio report I managed to be lucky to hear also failed  utterly to  state why? they went TO africa, and also what??? DNA was found IN those infected African bat colonies.One colony  which happened to be living ON the roof areas of a large hospital there.

I wondered why they were’nt looking in regions closer to home where possible transmission by trade would be far more probable. ie bats stowed away on ships, short journey, whereas  boat via Sth Africa would have em starving to death before landing.

They also have NO Tracking or even it seems knowledge of Hendra/ Nipah as a source of Illness in Humans there, the excuse given was they get so many meningococcal diseases anyway they dont check!

You could also bet and make money that NO horse deaths are examined or documented either.

There is NO explanation as to how a disease of Fruit bats  although mammals, manages to specifically far as we are told? ONLY horses, who then manage to change? or transmit unchanged? to humans, that’s also a gaping black hole in info given to us..

Also passing strange they happened to be onto Bats so very fast as the vector?

The other VERY lousy info lack never mentions if our Brumbies get infected, no reports of mass horse deaths APART from Vaccinated pets /racehorses so far, in years.

How come?

Also NO reports of wether its transmissable to cattle  or other species ..

ONE Dog has had it, recovered and produced antibodies to it, OUTside of a lab I noted in a Aus Govt document…which means they HAVE managed to infect Dogs in their labs!

They euthanased that poor Dog.

Recent outbreak, some two weeks back mentions a pet dog showing a weak positive and being retested. Media here has basically Dropped reporting on this…why?

I would love tp know what Vaccines were given to both those dogs and the rest of our Aus hounds..Theres a range of makers, so records are required to know what batch and what Maker.

It’s been a roundabout Digression 🙂 but the strangeness, the closely related viral types etc all seem to have some interconnections..when you start to  drag it into a pile.

Of course it may just be a big steaming pile too..thats up to you to read and do some thinking on.


I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t remember the charnel house the UK became when they had a few, very few..cases of FMD  a few years back.

Scenes from Dantes Inferno- misery and heartbreak as animals with no symptoms inc pets were killed “to save the uk” etc etc.

This was in spite of good veterinary advice to  the contrary, of such mass slaughter being necessary in a country where most animals WERE vaccinated, and good quarantine and practice could be maintained.

Today I found a report of a disease outbreak in Africa, its not FMD, but its a nasty..and I will  post separately on that one later:-)

However the page  I found that item on has a mass of reports on GLOBAL outbreaks of Foot and Mouth, and they go back to last year and before that, yet? there has been  little? or NO? reporting and certainly no over the top nationwide slaughter as in the UK event.Yes  culling but limited  events.

once again the company with the reports wont allow even a two word snip, so you are in for a lot of link clicks, sorry.

Believe IS worth doing, the saga is BIG  Global and bloody nasty.

There is a Conference being held in Thailand in a few days time , where they plan to announce request to worldwide Banks to supply funding for  eradication/vaccines etc.

OIE calls for bank support of FMD campaign

Rather a LOT too late.

The list of affected Countries so far is large and growing.

Russia for close to two years, seems to be the older treatable strain, but open to doubt..

New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

Kazak, kyrgistan, and Russia in this block

New FMD strain threatens Middle East

CIS countries face FMD threat

Egyptian FMD outbreak requires “urgent action”, says FAO

Paraguay: animal health leader steps down after FMD outbreak

FMD outbreak confirmed in China

two events one in Dec’11 and one Jan 2012 in Pigs.Taiwan and then mainland. appears USA pig exports are rising steeply to China. gee?

Most people who know of  FMDx, know Vaccines were available.

However..the new strain not only is spreading widely it is Immune to the present vaccines “protection”, animals who were assumed to be safe are NOT! they are coming down with the new strain..but?..the PTB are still pushing immediate Vaccinations across nations, which is close to a  waste of time and money to try and combat this. The Pharmas will be loving it though.

Now the multibillion dollar question has to be HOW????

This  implied unknown variant, now named in some reports as SAT2, has managed to  spread so widely, you could excuse the  central  europe mid east as close enough for animals OR people  carrying contaminated dirt spores on shoes clothes etc.

That scenario falls over when that strain specifically, gets across an ocean or two to Sth American  lands. or it Should..if quarantine ie airports checking regions of travellers ie rural and footwear etc for dirt etc.

When so many ships transporting live animals or workers who have handled live animals on one trip then returning home etc arrive and  go back home, often inland etc..lets face it Quarantine on Docks seems to be a lot less  efficient, (ie Australia got crazy ants by containers).

Even so, so many areas, widely spread and reasonably close time frames  seems to make even that means seem a little less likely.

Contaminated vaccines? or someone using the GM  tampered vaccines?

or a planned bioweapon?

another aside:-)

On my post re flying pigs..I mentioned an odd event in a Piggery in Chile that wasn’t ringing true as to stated reasons for stench in the sties. however a mass die iff from FMD and a lot of smelly corpses would make more sense. Unconfirmed just surmising on it,but it is weird.Close enough geographically to be plausible anyway. Reading the Paraguay event made me consider it  as possible cause. The stated cause of the dead animals was workers leaving the plant and no food or water to some 500k pigs. Wether they died before or after may be a salient point, but I doubt it will be answered.


All the above reports say this is a NEW and Novel strain.

However looking for Vaccine info.I find this

FAO confirms spread of novel FMD strain to Gaza Strip
A novel strain of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has been detected in cattle in the Gaza Strip, confirming fears of the spread of the new variant, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today. The FMD strain is new to the area, and animals haven’t acquired any resistance to it, the agency said. The FAO added that vaccines against the novel SAT2 virus are in short supply. In February the SAT2 variant was found in Egypt and Libya, and it was confirmed in the neighboring Gaza Strip area on Apr 19. Juan Lubroth, DVM, PhD, the FAO’s chief veterinary officer, said in a statement that the disease threatens Gulf countries, and perhaps southern and eastern Europe and beyond. He said limiting animal movement is the top priority for preventing the spread of the virus, along with heightened surveillance and quick outbreak detection and response. The FAO said the virus has also been detected in Bahrain, but only at a quarantine center. Israel has targeted herds along its southern border for vaccination to create a protective buffer zone, and the Gaza Strip will receive 20,000 doses to protect its cattle, with 40,000 doses as soon as possible targeting sheep and goats. The FAO and its partners are negotiating with producers and vaccine banks to find more vaccine sources.
May 2 FAO press release

and also this…

BVI and African company with a 5 strain vaccine, however reading the data it seems very shortlived and pretty impracticable for the majority of places where its occurring  to be used as required, repeat basic doses and  follow ups every 6mths.


————-Engaged readers will have noted the removal of the A for Anthrax word:-)

while   Anthrax and FMD can be soil borne, they are NOT the same disease as I wrongly had believed till corrected by a comment here, Many thanks to Cudden Happen:-)

I am posting a snip and link that Proves that Killing of all infected animals really is over the top however as they DO recover and while its nasty for them for a few days, it does not kill adult animals that often, it Can kill young as they dont have physical reserves to be able to not eat for  the time their mouth tongues are sore and ulcerated.Some may recover but become carriers, most do not, therefore testing for  continued presence, in suspect animals, may be a FAR more economical and sane method than simply going in a killing many thousands of animals.

NOT allowing CAFO operations where diseases, have the very best chance of raging through and mutating, due to sheer numbers of affected cases would also be smart.

Is there any treatment or cure?

No. Affected animals will recover. Vaccines can protect against the disease but do not necessarily prevent animals from being infected. Vaccination is used in many countries to control the disease in an endemic situation. In order for a country to regain FMD-free status and limit the economic impacts, it is important to eradicate the virus as quickly as possible. Movement controls and removal of infected animals (along with other complementary control measures such as cleaning and disinfection) are essential to eradicate this disease. Vaccination can be an important tool to assist in containing and eradicating FMD, but its use will have trade implications.